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Senior Frontend Software Engineer



Software Engineering
São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Posted on Thursday, March 2, 2023
We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced Senior Frontend Software Engineer to join our collaborative team. Our goal is to create impactful products that achieve a new level of frontend applications for a market in need.
About Inventa
Inventa is a fast-growing wholesale market company with a bold mission to generate significant value in B2B transactions in Brazil and beyond. Rather than limiting ourselves to creating a marketplace or relying on existing solutions from other markets, we aim to disrupt the status quo of the wholesale market by effectively addressing pain points and innovating new solutions with creativity and confidence. We are consciously thinking about our scalability and sustainability while doing so. If you are passionate about technology and looking for a dynamic and challenging environment that can you learn and grow a lot, come and join us!
Engineering at Inventa
As a member of Inventa's development team, you can work on challenging and impactful projects, developing high-quality software solutions that drive our growing business. Our engineering team culture is continuously improving, with some fundamentals already in place. Therefore, as part of our engineering team, you will find:A team that is eager to learn and raise the bar for high-quality deliveries that add value.A well-defined process that fosters a culture of collaboration and learning, including RFC, design review, blameless postmortem, documentation culture, and much more.A team with solid ownership is part of the company's strategy.Well-structured foundations for our services and infrastructure.There is plenty of open space to propose changes that can help evolve our culture and processes. You will have the opportunity to be a player, not just a pawn.If you want to read more about how we’re building it, take a look at our medium blog :Building Inventa.


  • Develop and maintain high-performance, secure, and scalable web applications;
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify and solve complex software issues. Be part of the decision-making process for the evolution of our product and business;
  • Work with Agile methodologies and participate in ceremonies to contribute to team process improvements;
  • Be responsible for the entire software development lifecycle: definition, development, testing, production, and maintenance;
  • Be a guardian of your team's delivery quality by reinforcing the adoption of good software development practices, suggesting better componentization, and proposing improvements to our processes.
  • Handle incidents, troubleshoot, and debug software issues with a learning mindset. Create postmortems and take actions to avoid similar incidents in the future;
  • Actively improve the way we build front-end services and pave the road to solve new challenges;
  • Contribute to the growth of the engineering team by mentoring a team of software engineers, providing technical guidance and support;
  • Ensure high code quality through code and design review, as well as production monitoring;
  • Ensure software quality and reliability by implementing effective testing methodologies, such as unit testing and automated testing platforms;

Minimum Qualifications

  • Experienced in creating modern web applications from scratch and evolving them;
  • Solid software engineering and web frontend fundamentals include version control, automated frontend testing, code reviews, and deployment automation. In addition, to front-end architecture;
  • Relevant experience with JavaScript, CSS, and front-end frameworks and libraries (such as React, Vue.js, and Angular);
  • Solid knowledge of frontend design patterns;
  • Experienced collaborating with backend team members to align development following API architecture best practice;
  • Good understanding of how a browser works behind the scenes;
  • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail aligned with excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Actively collaborate with the growth and development of other members inside and outside your team.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experienced with web performance optimization techniques (Lighthouse / Core Web Vitals / SEO);
  • Experienced in developing and scaling high-performance, responsive user interfaces;
  • Proficiency in one or more techniques used for data fetching and pre-rendering;
  • Familiarity with user experience (UX) design principles and practices;
  • Experience in implementing in practices concepts of A/B Testing and Progressive Rollout of features to production;
  • Experienced with Agile development methodologies;
  • Experienced with cross-functional team, collaborating with Product Managers and Designers;
  • Experienced with cloud computing platforms such as AWS or GCP;


  • Our technology team works in the "remote-first" model, which means that we are working from home with the possibility of living anywhere in Brazil. We also have the option of using the office in São Paulo.

What we offer:

  • VA/VR Benefits: On the Flash Card, you use it however you want;
  • Allianz health plan;
  • Dental Plan;
  • Special discounts with Esalq Usp and other educational institutions (We want to boost your development!);
  • Totalpass;
  • Braided maternity/paternity leave;
  • Nursery Aid;
  • Day Off on birthday;
  • Life insurance;
  • Stock options;
  • Remote first.

Job Application Tip

  • At Inventa, we understand that candidates often feel the need to satisfy every job requirement before applying. However, we want to emphasize that the job criteria serve as a guideline, not a strict rule. Even if you don't meet every requirement, don't worry. Apply and let us know about your experience. We will have meetings together and if you join Inventa, you will have the opportunity to grow and learn more.