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California, USA
Posted on Monday, May 29, 2023

About Chiper

Chiper is the leading B2B e-commerce ecosystem in Latin America, and we are on a mission to democratize e-commerce for one million corner stores and the millions of shoppers who visit them for their household needs. Chiper’s end-to-end cross-category solution guarantees fulfillment, fast and free delivery, and the most competitive prices for thousands of items, including groceries, household staples, baby products, personal care, and many others.

Since 2018, at Chiper, we have set out to build the most reliable and trustworthy B2B e-commerce ecosystem for the corner store retail market. With operations in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, at Chiper we are customer obsessed and mission driven, keeping an eye out for hungry talent who want to join us in building the future of B2B e-commerce in Latin America.

About Rol

You will be part of Chiper's Shared Services Center team, leading the Global Monitoring Center. You will be responsible for managing the team of analysts and for identifying and mitigating risks based on a solid understanding of security systems and protocols. You will lead and coordinate security teams, ensuring the effective implementation of protective measures.

You will have excellent communication and negotiation skills, allowing you to collaborate with multiple stakeholders and ensure a secure environment for the organization. Your ability to make quick and data-driven decisions, combined with your proactive approach to identifying and preventing threats, makes you an invaluable resource in asset protection and overall security of the company.

What You’ll Do

  • Enhance internal and external operations of the company
  • Daily operations: Full control of the Security Services Center, managing the monitoring of different security system components through management software and various communication systems
  • Detect threats and develop action plans for mitigation and prevention
  • Collect or obtain evidence to resolve incidents and coordinate containment and immediate resolution action
  • Support the team of Execution Managers in the established controls and audits for critical tasks of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in operations.
  • Design a monitoring and tracking plan for control and audit tasks of critical points in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Supervise the functionality and sustainability of available security mechanisms, such as CCTV systems, silent alarm systems, perimeter protection systems, production process protection, functioning of fire alarms, evacuation systems, and lighting. This also includes warning signals from perimeter cameras, access controls, gatehouses, identification systems, money collection and transportation processes, and protection of goods and money from sales in the distribution chain
  • Implement and supervise strategies to evaluate and mitigate risk in the operations
  • Ensure compliance and sustainability of the global security design by executing daily, weekly, or monthly reports presented to the Fulfillment Manager, regarding the control of operational activity supported by security mechanisms
  • Continuous improvement and innovation: Conduct research and implement security management solutions to maintain operational activity and business continuity
  • Present recommendations, analysis, and security studies to ensure business continuity

Required Qualifications

  • Certified studies in Security and Defense (Diploma or Master Degree), ISO 28000 or BASC Auditor, knowledge of ISO 31000 Risk Management and ISO 22301 Business Continuity, Command and Staff Course, desirable degree in Military Sciences and Administration or related fields, desirable English proficiency.
  • Previous experience as Security Manager or Lead.
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to develop strategic studies in the desired sector
  • Ability to develop loss control and integrity strategies, make decisions, and provide leadership
  • Proficiency in office packages and knowledge of management and project software
  • Basic knowledge of electronic security systems
  • Desirable knowledge of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing programs, Fraud Prevention, and Anti-Corruption Practices
  • Project Management abilities is a plus

Why You’ll Love this Job

  • Stay busy. You and your team are engaged the entire shift.
  • Career advancement. We have made a pledge to upskill our employees and offer a variety of free training and development programs, and we also have tuition support options for select employee groups. See where your Chiper journey can take you.
  • Team environment. Work on small or large teams that support each other.
  • Professional growth: Based on the development of your skills and the results of your performance, you will be able to grow professionally towards other roles within the company
  • Rewards. Chiper encourage outstanding results providing incentives to collaborators in different metrics that are esential for business.

Top Metrics

  • 0% Index of goods lost due to theft in the warehouse
  • Index of impersonation or deceptive intrusions with or without damage
  • Less than 0,1% Index of violent theft of heritage assets
  • 95% Internal audit plan compliance
  • 0,2% Inventary losses